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A CMM Retrofit has become common practice with new CMM Software / CMM Controler.
The application of a CMM-Retrofit to your existing CMM allows current technology to be added to an older frame saving considerable money over purchasing a new CMM.

There is two kinds of retrofit :

Direct Interfaces : Available for a wide range of CMM controlers, portable machines and optical systems.

Replacement Electronics : Due to age, obsolescence, lack of serviceability ... we are able to supply replacement electronics (Renishaw UCC, Mora Metrology, SB Electronics, Pantec, Deva, Gemodek ...) .

Inspect 3D can offer you at a very competitive price :

  • Measuring/scanning/milling software updates
  • Controler updates
  • USB/ PCI counter cards
  • Manual to DCC
  • Cabling
  • Probing tools updates
  • Advanced geometry compensation
  • CMM calibration

This, for a wide range of CMMs, arms, laser trackers supplied by these companies : Brown&Sharpe, Faro, Garda, MFO, Mitutoyo, Mora, Poli, SEIV, Stiefelmeyer, Tri-mesure, Tridax, Wenzel, Zeiss ...

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