Inspect3D - Inca3D Description

Inca 3D

Improves quality

Increases productivity

Reduces delivery times

Helps build lean systems

Complete solution for your 3D measuring machines

INCA3D at a Glance

  • Ideal for applications in the Model, Pattern, Tool Making, Sheet Metal, Free form surface, Aircraft, Automotive, and any application your requirements take you to
  • Operates on Manual, DCC, articul. arm, no contact probe, laser tracker, photogrammetry
  • Mathematical calculation certified by PTB, GD&T according to ISO 1101
  • Intuitive feature recognition
  • Automatic feature recognition
  • Relative measurements allow the measurement of parts with bigger deviations i.e. sheet metal, complete assemblies
  • Bi-directional I++ DME interface (SERVER and CLIENT)
  • Intuitive and simple to use, integrates geometric, CAD measuring, 3D point clouds, scanning, milling, analysis tools, on/off-line with same operator interface and parametric.


  • Native engine with direct interpretation
  • 4.0 – 5.0 compliant. High level extensions and multiplex support
  • On-line and Off-line modifications of existing files
  • Syntax and error highlighting
  • Real time creation of DMI program and DMO output

INCA3D Systems Operation Supported

  • Touch, scanning and non contact probes. Change system and oriented head. Rotary table (Renishaw, MORA, Zeiss …)
  • CMM system Computer Aided Accuracy(CAA). CMM and part temperature compensations
  • Up to 5 arms in real time via TCP/IP
  • Crash prediction and avoidance. Automatic synchronization

INCA3D Operation Features and Operator Aids

  • Intuitive user interface with customizable user levels (administrator, user …)
  • Multiple creation of operations by drag and drop, copy/cut/paste
  • External program call for process efficiency with in & output of data, alarms and stops during execution (calling for load and clamp operations, refusing part …)
  • Error prevention actions : Automatic save, backup management, diagnostics, double checking on sensitive actions
  • Context sensitive on-line help. Automatic internet information service


  • CAD interfaces CATIA (FD&T management), UG, PRO-E, IGES, VDA …
  • CAD tools include entity information, creation, mirror, shrink, enlarge …
  • Display of virtual CMM and probes
  • Display and modification of labels in real time (filter, format libraries …)
  • Wide range of graphical display of deviations (arrows, disks, color mapping …)

INCA3D Surface

  • Comparison against CAD files
  • Surface, edge, section, curve, flush and gap measurements
  • Scanning of unknown shape (with scanning and/or trigger probe)
  • Cloud of points

INCA3D Graphical Programming

  • On-line and Off-line modes
  • Generation of alignments, sections, surface, curve and geometry measuring
  • Automatic measuring path creation
  • Detect collision in Off-line programming and On-line execution

INCA3D Alignments

  • All Geometric Alignments. Iterative surface alignment
  • Click and Probe CAD Alignment. Cloud of points alignment
  • Complex Advanced alignments, RPS, with mixture of geometric and surface elements
  • Measure optimization with best fit functions to minimize deviations

INCA3D Reporting Features

  • Merging of graphic and text reports. Multi-views
  • Totally user configurable, labels, pages, setups, colors, logos, user texts …
  • Available as operation
  • Wide range of filters, sorting, label and report formats
  • Color coded for easy analysis. Color mapping. Trend. SPC exports (qs-STAT, CASQ-it ...)
  • Simple data transfer and sharing via Internet/Intranet witth a wide range of customizable formats and languages (PDF, HTML, Excel, Text …)

What else ?

  • Milling technology 3-5 axes for design studio and protyping
  • CMM and software retrofits
  • Tailored metrology solutions. System integration

INCA3D is a registred trademark of Inspect 3D. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Due to continuing product development, Inspect3D reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.