Inspect3D - Layout measuring machines - Profi


Professional CMM with no X axis limit
MORA Profi indeed is a professional measuring instrument if you have to cope with universal and precise measuring tasks.

Whether it is laterally mounted at the measuring plate or whether it is running on the measuring beam as base machine, you can apply the type Profi with its different X-axes-guide way systems everywhere you want. Guide way systems on roller bearings provide precise movement in all axes. Most precise measuring results and always repeatable measuring cycles will be reached by the innovative drive and CNC-technology in combination with software suite INCA3D.

Profi can be delivered in duplex version to enlarge the volume to be measured.

Measuring ranges and accuracy
from 1000 800 1000
to toutes 2500 3000
Accuracy 16 + L / 100 *
*Accuracy is valid for the smallest measuring range and if the following specification is met : an ambient temperature of 18 - 22° C